About me

My trade is making harpsichords. I started making them when I moved from New York to Antwerp in 1610, at the age of 11. Since then I have worked in the workshop of Hans Ruckers and then with his son Ioannes. Years later I set up my own workshop in Antwerp and I became a serious competitor to Ioannes Couchet and his sons. After that, I moved to Paris and I set up a harpsichord workshop not far from Pascal Taskin’s. I became good friends with Taskin himself, and also with Henri Hemsch. Years later I moved back to my native New York and continued to develop my activity there until today. After more than 400 years developing my profession, I am beginning to seriously consider the idea of retiring. Maybe I will do it in not more than 15 or 20 years.

Obviously, all the above information is incorrect. I am not 400 years old, and I was not born in New York before its founding. I wrote this to hugely exaggerate my resume, which is something I suspect a lot of people do as well. Although in my case this exaggeration is evident